Pitfalls To Avoid As A Newbie In Internet Marketing

Over-spending, this is possibly the easiest and most damaging trap to fall into when starting out on your Internet Marketing venture. Not having a clear idea of your budget.

This is not only the AMOUNT of MONEY that you want to spend (or have available to spend), but just as importantly your TIME allocation and the HOW and WHEN you are going to spend it.

It is after all pointless to spend a hundred dollars on a product or service if you realistically are only going to see returns from the investment in a year, be it increased visibility or actual sales. What you want to do is work out where to do your spend to get the most bang for your buck, equally for money and time. One of the great things about marketing on the net is that there are still ways to promote and start earning income that will cost either very little or are for free. So, the idea is to get the business to PAY for itself as soon as possible; through sales, commissions, whatever.

One part of the problem in going in and denting your credit card is that at the end of the day, you have to fund that spend, you have to first recover the initial outlay BEFORE you can say that you are in profit. Another part is that if you have spent this months grocery money on your start-up, the pressure to perform and get results makes this venture no longer a pleasurable journey, but becomes a slog and very stressful for all.

This leads on to the allocation of time. Your body and mind function best if they have diversion, so it is vitally important to balance the time you spend setting up your Internet Marketing business with family time or time with friends or even me time, you know, when you go to a movie or out to the wild places to recharge your spirit. This is critical to your success and well-being.

As with any business venture, the driving motivation should be to get cash positive as soon as possible. After all, that is why we are doing this, to make money! So the main thing is to play it smart, know what you want and how to get it.

This sounds a bit trite, but in this article and others to follow, I share with you techniques that will enable you to operate on a realistic budget, a budget of MONEY and TIME – and this will go a long way in shaping your success on the internet, but more importantly, will get you into the «cash-positive» scenario easier and most times sooner.

Another of the pitfalls of starting out on the Internet Marketing arena (whether it is to promote «brain tools» like books etc, or if you are selling sun-beds for hamsters), is that we all tend to take on too much and become overwhelmed with information and advertising as well as a multitude of marketers wanting you to join/buy/use/sign-up. This can create havoc in your life ñ all these decisions, «Should I?» «Shouldn´t I?» «But if I did then I could».

Taking on too much can be the downfall of your business right at the outset.

Make no mistake; there is a lot of work to be done and knowledge to acquire, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH! The secret is being able to sift through all of the «stuff» and then making a good decision based on your understanding. What most of us do though is try to «do-it-all» and do it quickly, this is so typical of how our lives are run. My best advice is to identify someone who has done it and is prepared to show you how you can do it, I do not mean Joe Schmooze around the corner, I mean an actual marketer who is making money on the internet. I for example found myself trying a health supplement, which I normally would not have considered. Just based on how well it presented its case. I highly recommend it now that I have tried it by the way. If you would like to check it out for yourself, yo can go here For More Information.

Yes, I know, «How do you identify such a person?» especially as I said earlier, there is so much garbage out there. Unfortunately, that is going to be up to you, advice and recommendation I can offer, but in the long run, it is up to you to see where you feel comfortable and with what vehicle you feel you can earn money.

If I can leave you with one thought for today:

Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve (financial freedom, family time, giving to others, whatever) and try to build a plan on how to get there ñ like a road map. This is not as simple as it sounds, but once you build the discipline to plan your future, the rest really does start to just drop into place.

Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move

Many have launched a business enterprise that is internet based but only a handful shall succeed despite many success stories about businesses making it good in the internet.

It takes good business sense and a lot of help and team effort. Most importantly, it is the eagerness to succeed and the determination to learn and the willingness to invest in a lot of hard work and some money.

The Very Basic

Without traffic, all your effort would just go to waste. Every business needs customers, without them you wouldn´t have anyone to sell your products to. In the internet world traffic is the walk in customer. The more traffic you have, the more people would be able to sell your products to.

But like any business that´s in every corner building or in the mall, not everyone that goes in will buy, but the greater of number that do come in to browse your merchandise, the greater number of people that will buy your products. It is a simple and known fact.

But, how do you get traffic, traffic large enough that could make a small percentage of eventual buyers enough to make a good profit. Many big companies generate traffic of tens of thousands a day and a measly ten to fifteen percent actually buys, but that small percentage is enough to provide them with good business.

You have to spend money to make money. Many of these success stories get their traffic from paying others. Advertising is the key. The more people that knows that your site exists; the more people would of course go to your site, that´s common sense.

While there are many ways that can get you advertising for free, this do not generate the same high volume as those methods that are getting paid. These paid advertisements include advertising schemes by Google and Yahoo/Bing.

The Value of Searches

The search and will be the easiest and fastest medium in finding what a person needs on the Net. Since search engines are free and easy to use, they have been very popular because they provide a vital service to many people. . With this popularity, they get many visitors and clicks that they are the most common sites that people go to. As such it is easy to understand why so many companies would pay to advertise with these search engines.

Search engines provide information to the millions of users that they have each day. They provide links to many sites that a user may be looking for. If your sites link pop up in the high ranks of the search results page, you get a great chance that they will go to your site. While search engine optimization is a cheaper and low cost way to get your site a high rank, paying for advertisements will ensure that you will be on the top ranks.

When you pay for your advertisements, it is like paying for your traffic. This may sound like not such a good idea, but the payoffs would tell a different story. When you pay for your traffic, you are guaranteed of a consistent traffic flow to your site. You will never go with an empty sales day.

Paying for your Traffic

Usually, you will be charged with the number of hits a link gets when your ads is clicked, this is called pay per click. For some search engines, you will be charged with the number of times your ad shows up when a certain keyword or keyword phrase is searched. It is imperative that you have good keyword content in your ad. There are many tools that aid you in using the right keyword for the right moment.

All the money you spend in paying for your traffic will not be for naught. You will get an impressive boost in traffic which will also result to a great boost in your sales figures. Paying for your traffic would be a really good idea and you will get all the benefits it has to offer.

Learn how you can start using paid traffic from the search engines in my step by step video guides here: http://nichepageautomation.haraldroine.com

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Network Marketing – The Organic Method

Network marketing is, or should be, organic by definition. After all, it comes about as a natural product, or byproduct, of normal actions of you, the network marketer. Like most things organic, it might benefit a little from some planting, fertilizing and removal of parasites.

A genuine “network marketer” is concentrating more on the network than the marketing side of the equation. Many of the sales made by network marketers come more often from the trust and relationship the buyer has with the marketer rather than from the perceived qualities of the product itself. Make no mistake here, a good product at a reasonable price can influence a lot of potential buyers, but the trust in the seller will have a lot more to do with success, all other things being equal.

This brings up a point for those interested in getting into a network marketing program, but who are afraid of having to “sell” things. If done properly, the major “job” of the network marketer is to continually expand their circle of friends and acquaintances. It’s a rough life, isn’t it?

Another point to remember is that many internet business opportunities and internet marketing techniques adapt themselves quite easily to the network marketing model. The main difference the network is built in cyberspace and you may never see a single customer.

How to build a network

There are many places and activities that are good for building your network, but there are a couple of steps you might want to take first.

Prepare yourself:

At first, there are going to be two strong tendencies on your part. One is to throw up your hands and quit at the first question or contact, the other is going to be the desire to make every meeting into a sale. Both of these will probably be influenced primarily by ignorance. If you don’t know what you are talking about, you will either avoid the topic completely, or babble idiotically.

You should definitely be as familiar as possible with your company, its history, its place in the business community, the products you sell, prices, return policies, and the business opportunity itself, in the case of a multi-level-marketing business. You don’t have to have every figure or statistic immediately at hand, that’s what brochures, website, and lunch dates are for, but you should be able to present a rational overview without consternation.

You should also prepare some simple, tantalizing responses to such beautiful lead in questions such as, «And what business are YOU in?».

Prepare your tools:

It doesn’t hurt to have some brochures in your pocket or purse, but the biggest single physical network marketing tool you will need for building your business and your network is the simple business card. Always have plenty of these with you and hand them out liberally. They should be simple and unobtrusive but should give the prospect all they need to get in touch with you. They should NOT be sales pitches, although they can contain the name of your business and/or a quick overview of your business. For example: Harald Roine – Internet Lifestyle Development. It is also a plus to include a website and email, particularly if they contain information about your business: haraldroine.com, email contact@haraldroine.com.

Where to build your network

Your network will be mainly built from two groups, professional contacts and social contacts. I view professional contacts as two groups, although there might be some overlap or blurring between the two. I refer to connected and non-connected professionals.

Your professional network

Connected professionals are the people you work with or come in contact with as a result of your “real” business if you are just getting started in network marketing. You have to be careful here as you can alienate someone you need for your regular business, or you might create a conflict or overstep a boundary. Just as one example, many companies frown on soliciting and might consider even talking about your network business as grounds for censure or even firing.

Non-connected professionals are those such as property managers, real estate agents, car sales people, and others who may already have a rich network of contacts, who may have some sales experience or expertise, and who might be interested in your opportunity if not your product. I won’t call these people “fair game”, but you certainly do have a little more latitude in contacting them and explaining your business, and having them join you could be quite a boost.

Your social network

You may already have a broad network of social contacts, but here are a few suggestions of what you can do to broaden this network.

1. Public places and events:

You can frequent malls, fairs, coffee shops, sidewalk sales, garage sales, and other group functions…all in the interest of broadening your reach. Stay away from selling. Talk of generalities or the weather, or who won the game last night, but have your cards ready and know what you are going to say when the moment arrives. A lady asked me about a wrap I had on my wrist the other day, and I jokingly replied that it was an occupational hazard. I spent so much time making money on my computer that I must have gotten carpal tunnel syndrome. Trust me, after that, she was more interested in the money she could make than possible damage to her arm.

2. Clubs and organizations:

While many of these are targeted groups with agendas of their own, there are a great many opportunities to network with the membership, and they are a great way to expand your own group of contacts. You can also sometimes get some great help in other ways as well. More than one person, including myself, has gotten a good job through a social contact, or a good price on furniture.

3. Speaking engagements:

If you are knowledgeable on a subject related to your business, you can provide free workshops, classes, or talks on that subject. Don’t think it works? I once watched woman who sold self-defense items such as pepper spray, whistles, and books, sell over 200 items after giving a 45-minute talk on protecting yourself.

4. Business lunches or seminars:

Here’s an opportunity to mingle with like-minded people who might be interested in what you have to offer. It’s a great time to exchange cards and practice your “what do you do for a living?” response.

There are many other situations such as PTA meetings, weddings, and even church functions which become great network marketing opportunities when you leave the selling at home and concentrate on making friends and acquaintances.

Now start connecting with people. And remember, you are not limited to only do it offline. Use the internet for what it´s worth!

Now, go and kill it!

Best regards,


A Million Dollar Idea

There was a lot of buzz recently over Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Homepage. He made a million dollars within 6 months selling pixels for a buck a piece. This feat created a stir within the Internet Marketing Community and people were formulating million dollar ideas of their own. Many tried to replicate Alex’s pixel phenomenon but without much success.

Alex made us realize that making a million dollars online is possible and all it requires is some smart, out of the box thinking. In this article, I will try to categorize the ingredients required to formulate your own million dollar idea. The Internet is vast and you can get lost in all the information, unless you have a clear thinking.

When you start working on your million dollar idea, you have to answer three essential questions – who will pay you, why will they pay you and how much will they pay you? Answer these basic questions to all your ideas and you will end up with a winner. Let us explore each of these individually.

Who Will Pay You?

This is the first question you have to ask yourself. From where are you getting your revenue? You can be paid directly by customers, which was the case with Alex’s pixel website. Besides this, the most popular avenues used by Internet Marketers today are affiliate programs and contextual advertising like Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher Network. There are a lot of other methods you can get paid but we will stick with the ones mentioned because they are the most popular.

When you want to come up with a million dollar idea, you should be clear about your revenue model. Each one of these methods can be rewarding if your idea is good. Some people may argue that getting paid directly by customers is the best model. But in my experience, you can do equally well with affiliate programs and contextual advertising.

Why Will They Pay You?

So you´re done with your revenue model. The next step is to figure out why these guys will pay you. Whether you are getting paid by customers, a merchant running affiliate programs or contextual advertisers, there has to be a strong enough reason for getting paid. Don’t look at this question at the surface level. Explore deeply the benefits that you are offering for getting paid.

If you are getting paid directly by customers, what is it that you are offering to them? Is it worth the money for your customers? If not, you need to make your product or service valuable enough to justify the payment. If your revenue model includes affiliate programs, then what are you offering which will make customers buy through your affiliate links?

Ask yourself questions like these and get to the bottom of your offering. The bottom line is that unless you are adding value to your end customers, you won’t make a dime. Your million dollar idea should focus on providing something useful to your customers, something which will make them act the way you want them to. This is what we call USP(Unique Selling Proposition) in the business development community.

How Much Will They Pay You?

The road to a million bucks can be as long or short as you want it to be. If you are getting paid 1 cent at a time for a customer action, you may never see a million dollars in your bank account. Your idea should revolve around a business model which pays you a handsome amount per “action”. An action here is defined as that activity which triggers a payment for you. If you use Google Adsense, the action is a website visitor clicking on your Adsense ad. If you are promoting affiliate programs, the action is someone buying through your affiliate link. Each action has a reward associated with it. It can be 5 cents or a $100. I am not saying that the $100 action will make you a millionaire faster than the 5 cents action. The number of times the action is repeated might differ greatly between the two. Your idea should find a good combination of the reward and the frequency of the action. This is the key to making a quick million on the Internet.


Once you have answered these questions for each of your ideas, a clear picture will start emerging. You will have an in depth understanding of your ideas and their potential. The idea with the highest potential is one which has a clear revenue model, adds value to the end customers and has a high reward volume and frequency. Your million dollar idea may be worth much more than you think.

In my coaching program I teach you exactly how to setup the Unique Selling Proposition and how you can develop your business model. Enroll here: http://mastermind.haraldroine.com

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Knowledge is the Most Important Marketing Tool

Without a doubt, knowledge is your most valuable marketing tool. It is the essential and necessary element needed to succeed in any marketing venture. This holds especially true for Internet Marketing.

The right marketing knowledge will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress.

But where does one acquire such knowledge? Where does one find the necessary information you need to market successfully online? And just HOW does one go about acquiring such knowledge?

Internet marketing is a relatively new field. The Internet itself is a relatively new phenomenon, created within the living memory of most of the people reading this article. Most of it´s now common features… search engines, online stores, email, websites, blogging… are all new inventions for our glorious cyber age.

Take for example, one of the Net’s major players Google(which 70% of all people use); it has only been crawling and searching the Net since 1998 – who would have believed a company only 18 year-old could wheel so much power and influence?

Other players such as Amazon, Yahoo and eBay… are all just new kids on the block when compared to the long history of marketing.

Like any industry, business or field of study – Internet Marketing has produced its own experts. People who have mastered the art of web marketing from first-hand experiences, lessons learnt and drawn from the trenches – the most trustworthy of all knowledge. Valuable knowledge they can use again and again to market their wares online.

This knowledge has become a valuable marketing tool for those who have mastered the skills of the trade. It can quickly turn any website into a profitable endeavor, producing income 24/7/365.

Nor should this knowledge be seen as anything magical. Knowledge in any field can produce wealth; think of all the fine craftsmen and artists of old who had to learn a skill and knowledge to produce great priceless pieces of art. Think of the cabbies of London who must acquire the Knowledge of the routes around London in order to make a living.

For that matter, think of any modern profession and you will have to acquire the proper knowledge in order to practice your trade or profession. Internet Marketing is no different. You must acquire the skills and knowledge to market successfully online.

But the question still remains, where does one acquire this knowledge, the real marketing tool you need to succeed online?

One source would surely have to be the experts. Who else will know the answers but the present day Top Internet Marketers? But who are these people? What are their names?

If you surf the web, no doubt you have come in contact with these marketers. Directly or indirectly their handiwork is everywhere. Their ideas, methods, and marketing techniques have influenced most of the sites on the web.

Many of the better known ones even have mentoring programs to train and teach their prospects. Acquiring the knowledge could just be a matter of hooking up with one of these so-called marketing gurus.

Where are these elusive creatures hiding? Who are they?

If you’re new to Internet Marketing – one good place to start is by searching for communities on Google and Facebook.

Many of these Marketers have their own info products which you can purchase to gain more knowledge. Many also have free guides, reports and articles you can learn valuable information from. Most have websites choked full of valuable marketing information, yours for the taking.

One of the saving graces of the Net – it is a vast storehouse of our collective knowledge. We can access that knowledge anytime, anywhere… one large reservoir of marketing knowledge can be found in the online marketing forums.

If you need direct, hands-on Internet Marketing training manuals, try my coaching program where we go in-depth on how you can find, evaluate, validate, build and expand your business.

Keep in mind, studying any trade takes some time and effort on your part. So do your homework – study the Masters, past and present! Acquire some of their knowledge, learn some of their skills and yes, model some of their marketing methods and techniques in your own online marketing.

Persevere, examine, harvest and digest the wealth of knowledge that’s yours for the taking. Cram if you have too, but acquire as much marketing information as you possibly can. Then apply that knowledge to your own online interests as you would any other marketing tool.

Then the next time you’re tempted to buy some expensive piece of marketing software or program – go ahead and buy it! But if you have done your homework and studied all your marketing lessons, you will know that knowledge is the one and only marketing tool you need to succeed online. Never forget it! Just keep repeating it…

Knowledge is my most valuable marketing tool period.

You can find my coaching program here: http://mastermind.haraldroine.com

Join my mastermind community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/201833603501189

See you on the other side!

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