A Rare Opportunity…


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

Hi folks!

Today I want to tell you some about affiliate marketing and network marketing.

I am going to keep it short, but try my best to include the most important information.

As some of you may know, there are lots of affiliate networks on the internet, as well as networks you can join to earn money.

I just have to say it: I really do not like most of these networks and companies. The reason why? Well, they are making you a braindead zombie who does whatever they tell in their guides and videos.

I want people to get knowledge and think for themselves!

That is the reason why I created The Online Mastering System in the first place.

Let me tell you a short story about myself.

Around autumn of 2012 I finished reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which made me inspired in developing and creating something of my own. Since then, I have read thousands of articles about how to make a business online and how to make money from it.

With all the knowledge I have at this time I felt like I had to share it to someone. First I teached a couple of my friends how, then my dreams exploded.
Why couldnt I create a network of my own. Similar to networks such as Empower Network and Pure Leverage!?

With this idea of mine, I began the research. I began the development process.

After months of thinking and developing. I finally managed to create a brand new network on my own. I decided to call it The Online Mastering System.
Why T.O.M.S. ? You may ask.

I want people to learn how they can make money, therefore Mastering System. And since I am focusing on learning people how to do this online, I added The Online.

That’s how the name: The Online Mastering System, was born. Aka. T.O.M.S.

Q. What is T.O.M.S. providing?

A. T.O.M.S. are providing a lot of things. I have developed guides, and tutorials on topics such as blogging and how to create a list with SqueezePages, also known as Capture Pages. I am giving you all the things you need to start and end the development phase. And the nessesary links and websites to keep you motivated. Because the key to success is working hard, and to work hard you need to be motivated! 😀




As a person I want to help people achieve success and happiness. That’s why I am telling you people about this rare opportunity.

I recommend you to check it out and join my network. You will not regret it. I am going to help you and guide you towards another way of living.


Check it out!