As Steve Jobs Once said…


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

“There is a point in life when you will face difficulties and eventually a brick will hit you in the head. It’s up to yourself to decide if you will stay down or get up!”

In our community, way to many people are letting themselves be knocked down, way to few are chasing their dream, or at least give it a try.

Let’s take me for an example. In this writing moment I am 17 years old, I have been into the internet business for about half a year. My level of knowledge in how to make and run a business is way higher than an average teenager, and also pretty higher than an average grownup. I do not to intend that I am better or smarter, I am rather a guy who figured out what motivates and inspires me.

I am a guy that do not settle with an average life, an average job. I want to achieve greatness!

In my time as a 17 year old teenager from Norway, I have developed a must to succeed. There is no other option for me.
I would consider a normal job from 9-5 as a faliure. This would may be considered an act of foolishness, but it’s not.
This exact way of chaning the mind is as many successful people says. “Develop a fear of not succeeding so you will not have any other opportunity than succeeding!”

If you are one of those who have this burning spirit inside, but do not know how to take the next step or know how to get out. I have a proposition for you!

For the last 2 months I have been putting together a big part of my knowledge in internet marketing into this one thing. I consider it a great, fantastic and amazing product. It is a website that provides you with tons of guidence.


If you are interested in this thing, click here


Thats it guys!