Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

A lot of people are making tremendous amount of money from blogging. Some of them are million earners, but most people who are first getting started rarely succeed.

Why it is like this?

The answer is actually really simple, they are not motivated enough.

I usually say that the key to successful blogging career is to stay motivated and continue without hessitation even though you face a difficult time or not seeing results.

What do I have to continue with? You may be thinking.

You have to post blog posts of course!

My tip for achieving success with blogging is simple. Pick a niche -> Post at least 2 posts each day -> Do it for 90 days straight(no pauses)

If you follow this simple blueprint, you will succeed!

I guarantee you that you will achieve success with blogging if you do so.


Now as we have put that on the table, how do you make money from this blog of yours?

For you do be able to earn any money at all you have to either create a product of your own or sign up as an affilaite and sell someone’s elses product.

As simple as that.
Way to many internet marketers complicate the entire thing of making money online. Result, no one want to start something new, they stick to other peoples products and not making any themselves.

They are building someone else’s dream, not theirs.

I am sick and tired of people taking this dark path.

What I did to change it took quite some time. I developed a complete network on my own. I like to call it the Network of Dreams come true.
This network of mine is called T.O.M.S. which stands for The Online Mastering System.

The highest goal of my network is to create as many CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs as possible.

In other words, the same goal as Harward University!


If you want to know more about T.O.M.S.

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