Building A List…


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

Earn money with building a list is not a simple and fast task.
It takes time and is one of the best methods on promoting your products and earning money in the long run.

As many may know, the best way of building a list is buying solo ads. If you are not familiar with the expression Solo ads, lots of people online have a huge list of emails that they kinda “sell”. They send your email with a link to your website, in exchange for about 0,3-0.5 dollars for each click.

To be able to build a list with solo ads, you need to have a website that gives value to those who type in their name and email.

These are the things you will need:

– A website/salespage – Promoting free product in exchange for their name and email

– A autoresponder – the system that keeps all of the emails you get and provides you with the newsletter, name and email form.

– A good product


GVO is a great autoresponder, I am using it myself, check it out here: CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT GVO

When you have a great website/salespage and product, as well as an autoresponder, you are ready to go.

Buy some solo ads and start building your list.


Before I wrap this up and head out, I want to give you an overview over what you can achieve with solo ads when doing it right.

Having a great salgespage with example of results:

Solo ad for $40 = 100 clicks

Convertion: 70% = 70 emails

Promote a paid product($20) to those 70 emails => 3 people buy it = $60 profit

TOTAL: $60 – $40 = $20 INCOME

Imagine that 10 of those 70 bought your paid product, that would give you $200 profit and $160 in income.

When you continue building your list and hitting 1000 and up to 10000, you WILL make money.

I like to call SOLO ADS the “maybe, maybe not” way of earning money.

The money is guaranteed but it takes time.

People are working hard in the start but are not keeping the pressure up, and give up when they do not see the result they want.


You will face hard times, but you will figgure out that it is worth it!


Hope you have learned something from this short post!