How To Charge A BOMB By Marketing Your Internet Business Skills Online!


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

Some time ago I was savagely attacked by a bee while innocently enjoying a tipple of sherry in the living room.

In the process of battling it (flailing my arms about frantically and screaming like a lunatic) the front door SLAMMED shut so hard that the lock broke instantly.

I had to call a locksmith to fix it and do you know how much he charged? £90! That’s about $160 if you’re across the atlantic by the way. He didn’t change it. He didn’t even change any of the parts. As far as I could tell he simply twiddled at it with some metal thingy (i think they call it a screwdriver) and then stuck me with a ridiculous bill. I had no option but to pay it.

The thing is I checked, and that’s the going rate for a locksmith in London. And do you know WHY they get away with charging such high rates? Because it’s a SPECIAL SKILL. Most people can’t do it.

What does this have to do with you? Absolutely everything. You see, YOUR specialist knowledge is absolutely priceless online. If you happen to be an internet business entrepreneur (like me) you can make an absolute BOMB simply by knowing more than most, and having more skills than most. Because people will pay (sometimes exorbidant sums of) cash for your specialist skills & knowledge. And the potential is even more potent in the internet arena where new techniques, systems, methods & technologies are born almost daily.

Think about that the next time you’re struggling with trying something new online. Because once you sort it out, you can probably write your own ticket by having that skill or knowledge. Here are just a few examples of the type of online specialist skills & knowledge I’m talking about:

* Creating simple websites.
* Understanding & penetrating new niche markets.
* Installing scripts.
* Creating information products & software.
* Creating graphics.
* Pulling in traffic.
* Building Opt In Lists.
* Setting up membership sites.
* Creating Audio/Video.
* Creating podcasts & RSS feeds.
* Creating high-ticket courses.

You see, just this small list of topics require SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE too. This means that like the locksmith, once you start to master them, and know where to find customers who are looking for them, you can start charging those high market prices for them yourself.

A lot of people want to earn a massive amount of money online. They want $5,000 or $10,000 online. There’s nothing wrong with that at all but if you’re starting out from scratch then it takes some time and application to develop your skills & knowledge online.

Perhaps you already have a SPECIALIST SKILL? If so, start to think about how you can market that skill online. The next section of this article looks at how and where to freelance your skills for immediate gains.
Freelancing – The Opportunities For YOU Are Endless. Here’s What To Sell, Where To Find Work & How To Set-Up A Freelancing Business Selling Your Skills Online!

It’s almost startling the way that the entire world is rushing online to conduct business. Did you know that there are an estimated 8 billion websites floating around on the world wide web? That number is going up as we speak.

It’s good news. Because as more and more people and businesses come online it creates one thing – opportunity. As the internet evolves, so does your scope for marketing your skills and services online.

So what type of skills can you market online? The answer is just about ANYTHING that you can do for someone else. I’m going to be focusing largely on online business skills today but it could just as easily be something completely different (for example making hand made crafts or creating some kind of trap that would keep Cyril and his teeth at bay for a few days).

Here are just a sample of your skills and services that you could offer to the exploding internet business market:

– Content creation.
– Website creation & maintenance.
– Graphics creation.
– Copywriting.
– Information product creation.
– Software creation.
– Search engine optimisation.
– Pay per click campaign management.
– Affiliate program management.
– Joint venture marketing.
– Market research.
– Opt in list/leads services.
– Audio/Video production.
– Accounts/Excel/Word skills.
– Access database skills.

I could just as easily keep going for AGES with additional services & skills that you could charge for (and that are in great demand). For now, lets talk a little about the sort of prices that you could charge for your skills. Here are some averages I found for you:

For WRITING Services (copywriting, transcriptions, reports) – Average price of $376 per project.

For DESIGN Services (book/cd covers/photo editing) – Average price of $264 per project.

For PROGRAMMING Services (C++ and other geeky type languages) – Average price of $1,030 per project.

For OTHER services (including lead generation, video editing, word processing, excel skills) – Average price of $780 per project.

Do YOU have any skills that could be used by the billions of businesses seeking them? Why not find out? Visit the elance site below:

You’ll find out exactly what skills are sought after – and if you happen to have them you could start bidding on projects and start creating an additional stream of in come by offering your services.