How To Gain Web Traffic Through 9 Simple Tips


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

Driving traffic to your website can be a time consuming task. However, these easy tips may help you increase traffic and convert those visitors into actual customers.

1. Title on your main URL and secondary pages

Originally, my title was ADVANCED SYSTEMS-A Leadership & Organizational Training & Development Firm near Chicago, IL. If I searched for the first two words ADVANCED SYSTEMS using Overture at I found a little over 4,000 keyword searches. By using this tool, I entered various key words and discovered that the term education and training had over 210,000 searches during the previous month. Research also recommends that the title length not exceed 77 characters and so I continued researching the most effective key words to pair with my first two terms. Also, additional reading suggested that you indicate your location within this title. Even though the completed title may exceed the recommended length, this is OK because the search engines do read beyond 77 characters. Also, as you construct or revise each page, make sure that title has the appropriate key words. Currently, I am doing that for my site because as stated earlier ADVANCED SYSTEMS is not a popular searched term.

2. Content

Both my Internet marketing coach ( and my marketing consultant ( acknowledged that the content on my site of which I wrote was of exceptional editorial quality. Their praises made me feel very good. However, both told me that the content wouldn’t “sell an igloo to an Eskimo.” This wasn’t what I wanted to hear after spending hundreds of hours writing this exceptional content. Currently, I am revisiting each page and rewriting the content using a marketing content focus instead of editorial one. I had failed one of the basic lessons in marketing – write to the audience needs by identifying potential benefits not your expertise.

3. Search Words

Again using the mentioned site in tip #1, I began to rewrite the content and then checked key words and phrases to ensure that they were embedded within the content. Writing in Microsoft Word, the writer can go to the Edit button and scroll down to the Find icon. By typing in a specific word or phrase, this handy tool will check to see how many times it appears in the document. A note of caution – Be careful not to overload your content with search words because the robots are quite sophisticated and can distinguish this overload.

4. Call to Action

Within the content on each page should be a call to action. The visitor should be encouraged to sign up for a free newsletter or contact your office by phone or email. Also, you can provide links to other pages within your website such as “click to hear read more articles.”

5. Thematic Approach

Using a theme entices search engines to travel through all the pages within your site. The theme can be your unique selling proposition. Also, a thematic approach encourages your visitors to visit more than one or two pages.

6. Use of Pictures, Graphics and Flash

Pictures are far more effective than clip art. Remember to use a variety of genders and ethnicity because your Internet audience is diverse. Be careful with flash and other time consuming graphics as they may consume too much time to download. Many visitors leave sites if the site doesn’t download in a matter of seconds. Time is money not only for you, but your visitors as well.

7. Free Offers

Visitors like to receive free offers from ezine booklets to articles to recommendations on books and other sites. Entice your visitors with freebies and have them coming back for more.

8. Regular Updates

Sites need to be updated on a regular basis to encourage Search Engines to continually visit your site. A static site is not good for web traffic or building relationships with your visitors. Construct a plan to revisit your pages to provide new content for Search Engines. HINT: Remember to check Key Words as you update your pages.

9. Perfection and Under Construction

Since web sites should not be static, perfection is an ongoing experience. Don’t wait until the content is perfect. Load it and then watch your statistics. Under construction shouldn’t be forever, however prioritize those pages you wish to update first. If you need to add a page, do so and mark it as “Under Construction.” I currently have several new pages “Under Construction” and still have yet to revise all my pages. Working using a plan (see tip 8), I anticipate completing the entire site within the next 30 days. And then, revisit at least 2 pages each month to update the content.

These last two months have been an incredible learning experience for me as I continue to work on my site to expand traffic and therefore potential clients.