How To Make A 297 Dollar Product…


Harald Roine

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Have you ever wondered how to make a profitable product of your own?

Then this is the article you are looking for!

There are two options.

First, starting from skratch.

As the title said, you will start from nothing. You will need the knowledge though. But you do not need to have anything else.

Thats why I call this the knowledge based product development.

The way to creating a product of this value is to deliver value.


What do I mean about value?

It is pretty simple.

You have to touch the buyer emotionally. You have to make him/her to feel like it was worth buying the product.

This is not only good for selling, but will also make the buyer more interested in buying upcoming products and updates.

It is a WIN – WIN!

I bet you want me to tell you exactly what you need to make!

Don’t tell me I’m wrong!

I am not going to stall this any further.

The first thing you need is to consider what your product is going to cover. What topic? Why is it good for the buyer? Etc…

When you have all that figured out, you have to create a EBook on that topic.


But is that it? NO!

You have to deliver more than a lousy Ebook covering the topic of you choosing LOL.

The best way to increase the value of your product is to throw in a video and a bonus(often in the form of an extra ebook going in-depth).

This is the best way of providing value and creating a better relationship with your buyers!


That was it for the first way of creating a 297 dollar product.


The second way is actually easier, but is not the best(my opinion).

If you are going for the second way, you not be creating a ebook, you will rather be putting together several ebooks and perhaps using some pre-made video covering a related topic.

There is one word for this, PLR.

Private Label Rights, aka. PLR.

If you are not familiar with PLR, it is a product, ebook, etc. created by a Jon Doe. It is pre-made and given away with all the rights you can think about.

Why am I telling you about this?

It is because, if you are just getting started, it will take a LOT of time gathering the knowledge to put together a ebook and video.

You can call this way, the newbies way of creating a high value product! :3

If you are interested in getting you hand on some PLR ebooks/articles, you can find some at my TUTORIAL page.

If you want more, you can register at

That PLR website is absolutely GOLDEN!§!§!

I love that page, but I also love people who are using their own imagination and knowledge writing their own articles!


That’s it for todays lesson!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update!