Is Motivation = Efficiency?


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

How do you think about motivation?

How do you make your team more efficient?

A guy called Dan Ariely recently gave us shocking news.

To achieve a better drive in people, you need to motivate them.

Some says that you only have to motivate your team and others to make them work better.

But guys, that’s wrong!

You need MORE!

The studies Dan pronounced is as follows:

To achieve the best possible result, you need to add more.

With more I am talking about feelings and values such as:

– Meaning, there should be a meaning behind every task you do.

– Creation, you should feel proud from doing and making.

– Challenge, no-one likes a dummy-task. We want and need a challenge.

– Ownership, you need to OWN what you make, at least experience the feeling.

– Identity, what you create need to have a characteristic touch to it.


If you cover these 5 additional experiences to someones task, or your own. You will achieve a better result and it will become more efficient.


I’ve added Dan’s speech for you!

Watch it, learn from it and enjoy it!