Multiple Income Streams


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg


The key to making multiple streams of passive income online is to diversify your services or products a person should not have only one source of passive income online but multiply sources.

E-books, affiliate marketing, audioproducts and advertising are ways to create a passive income from the Internet. A lot of people focuses on only one of these products, and by doing so, make a healthy stream of passive income, never thinking that anything could go wrong. But what if something does? Your online business could hit some hard times close down, or your customers can decide to take go elsewhere.

Creating a multiple stream of passive income insures one’s security.


How does one go about creating multiple streams of passive income? How about taking a product you have already produced and diversifying it.

If you already have already written an e-book think about making an audioproduct from it.

If your e-book is a “How to book” that could quality you as an expert. As such, offer your services to other business that is in need of a consultant. Offer to advertise for them on your website.

Expert Site

An expert site is just another term for a membership site. If you are an expert in your field, set up a website that caters to novices who are willing to pay a fee for your expertise.

However, one can’t just call him or herself an expert and have people willing to pay them for their services. Although, there are probably some instances of that happening, but to create multiple streams of passive income one must have a product or business they have already established. The experience one has gotten from running an online business or selling a product will establish them as an expert.


Advertising is good way to create multiple streams of income. A person can advertise google adwords on their website. They can also set up a website specifically geared to advertising for other companies.


What is a reseller? A reseller, resells other people’s services and by doing so earn themselves an ongoing residual income. For example, a person sells their services as a Webmaster, your job would be to repackage their services and sell them to other businesses. Therefore, when they get work you get paid.

Online Auction Business

One way to generate additional passive income is to start an online auction business. There is also an option of starting your own eBay online. The difference between establishing another eBay online and your own individualize online auction business is that you can cater to specific items. For example, if you know about antique clocks then that could be your online auction business focus. Or maybe you know a lot about antique cookware or works of art.

It all depends on where your interest lay.


When creating multiple streams of income it is important that a person does not spreading themselves too thin. Staying focus is the key, which is why it is so important to have at least one or two products, which you are diversified. It also makes it easier because one already has a product and does not have to take the time to find one.


Don’t diversify just to diversify, have some interest in what you doing. If you don’t any interest in what you are doing a person can easily get bored, which can cause them to make mistakes, which can cost them money. Passion in anything is rare but without it one can get lazy and static.


There are many benefits to creating multiple streams of income like more money, security, if a problem happens with one line of income you have several to fall back on. If you already have a stream of passive stream income from the internet coming in that is good, but take the time to see if you can generate that into multiple streams, which will be even better.