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Beside writing a blog and coaching people in the topics of leadership, marketing, innovation and starting a business I am an app developer. I´ve made two apps for both iPhones and iPods and Android devices in 2015. When I have more time I am going to continue developing these games and create new and revolutionary games.

Below are the apps I´ve made so far.


Is an infinite runner app for both Android and Apple devices. Your character is a stork with a baby in a blanket hanging from it´s mouth. You are flying over a park where kids, women and elderly women walk. Your objective is to poop at as many people as possible.

You can get the app for Apple devices here: Get it now

And for Android devices here: Get it now



Is a one of a kind game. It takes the old fashioned 2-player into 1 screen and combines it with real-time strategy and make a unique game that cannot be found anywhere else. The game´s objective is to beat your opponent. You both have a castle with 100 Health points. You can buy troops to attack your opponents castle. If you are more of a defense person, you can upgrade your walls to give your more Health Points and build a tougher defense. To build you need gold. So you have the option to upgrade your gold mine. You can play against both the computer, or a friend or family member.

The app is available for Apple devices here: Get it now

And for Android devices here: Get it now


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