New Project


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

This is going to be a non-educating post, but instead an announcement.

Since I have experience within creating a website, managing it etc. I have during my vacation from the leadership school gotten in touch with a friend that want to me to make a website for him. This is the first website I am going to make for someone else, like a freelancer job. I am really looking forward to get started on this project beside attending to school and this site each day.

We are still in the pre-phase and are working on the concept and how we want to go forward with the project, so I can´t attach any notes to this post. When I am allowed to, I am going to share with you the work I´ve done.

Another thing I want to mention. The other day I went to Oslo to get a tour around on the collage I will start at when autumn comes around. We talked back and fourth about the school, projects and subjects that interested us both. And suddenly we tapped into an idea of his. It is the idea of sharing between students. I cannot say more about the idea, but once I am graduating the leadership education and summer comes I am most likely going to get into the loop on that project too. Teaching myself to code and create a website at the age of 12 really paid off. And it is really interesting.

Crossing my fingers that this will go the right way.

Do you have a website idea you want to bring to life? Feel free to contact me at any time, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Best regards,

Harald Roine.