Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

Hi and welcome to my relaunched website!

This is the beginning of a new chapter in my adventure as an online entrepreneur. Doing a total remake of my website is a tough task. It takes time and effort to do it properly. And when I am doing something I´m not doing it halfway. Proper is the only road I ride.

I though that since this is the relaunch post, I could share with you how to future of my website look like. So here is it. Instead of being just a blog about how you can earn money online(you can still find the old posts in the “blog archive”), I want it to be more. Since I am learning about leadership and practicing it each day, the topic of LEADERSHIP will an important topic in the future. When the autumn come, I am going to collage. So this website is going to be essential to my degree there. The bachelor degree I am taking is called: Creativity, Innovation and Business Development. I am really looking forward to the first semester. But untill then we are going to cover a lot of different topics on this website.

Untill next time, cheers!

Best regards,