The Centre Of Your Landing Page


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

The dog is now quite happy after a nice long walk which set me thinking what it is that would make someone opt into your subscription on your landing page? For one, if it is a really good product that the visitor wants to see you are in a winning position.

In most instances though you will just have a slight curiosity when the visitor lands on your page and getting them to the point where they really want to give you their information will be up to you and your writing skills.

Here is a rough outline for you to apply on your landing page.

Break it up into these four words. Hey, You, See, So.

Where “Hey” is your headline. This is where you call the visitor. You grab their attention by stating a predicament they might be in or making a proposition.

“You”, is where you make the visitor part of what you are saying and leading into the subject matter of your page. This is also your sub headline which should be the lead out from your headline and the lead in to your subject matter.

“See” is the section where you will tell the visitor about the product reiterating or proving your headline and sub-headline. State all the benefits they can expect either through a review of the product if you own and use the product, or leave out your story and explain each of the main advantages proving your headline and sub-headline.

A review is always a good option to use as the content for your landing page. If you are using a specific product and it has helped you to find answers or solve problems saving you time and ultimately money, you will have a passion for that product.

Now this passion is not the same as for ‘dearly beloved’ but I think you do get the point. Depends on who does the dishes of course. Well let’s not go off on a tangent and get back to the subject at hand.

When you write your review on the product tell a story, we all love stories, and if you don’t believe me ask your parents what they had to do before bedtime when you were small. We will never grow out of it, the story just becomes more refined.

Don’t be afraid to mention weakness, snags or something you had to go through to achieve success with the product, by doing so you will gain more trust from your readers because you are honest.

Sell them what you believe in and then offer them something in return for their email address like a guide to the use of the product, or a free video that you made on getting the most from the product. Use your imagination and put yourself in the visitor’s shoes, personally I would not go for the socks.

Use bullet points and white space and remember your content should be just long enough to create an itch; the sales page will do the scratching.

“So”, is your final analysis where you will reiterate all the main benefits in bullet points and a call to action. Do not forget, or be afraid to ask. If you do not ask you will not receive. Well time to walk the dog again and get some inspiration, and maybe some coffee.