The Creative Adult Is The Child Who Survived…


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg



In our childhood, our creativity blossomed to an fantastic level. We learned everything we use in our everyday life, we tested new things such as drawings, LEGO, and building things out of our imagination.

We were in our most creative state of life.

Unfortunately we tend to lose this creative mind of ours while we age.

But this is not a fact for everyone. Some of the adults in our community are at a higher state of creativity.

As some of you may know, our brain is separatated into two parts. The right brain and the left brain. These two “parts” of our brain function in two different ways.

Our left brain is used for solving logical and mathematical questions. We are using this part of our brain in our everyday life.

The right brain is used for something totally opposite. This is the creative part of our BRAIN!

The most intelligent people on the planet tend to have a great connection between the right and left brain.

When you have a good “connection” you are able to combine logic and creativity to come up with new and better solutions to EVERYTHING!

Let’s take Steve Jobs as an example; he was most likely one of the best logic-creative mind of all time.

He invented Apple, Mac and the iPhone(just to take a few example)


I only have one tip for you people!

Try to be creative everyday!

Try to come up with something unique as often as possible.

Embrase your creativity!

If have the feeling you lack creativity. Work with it everyday!

Fake it till you make it!