The Formula The Guru’s Use To Market Online


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg


You see it in action every day, but have you ever taken a moment to pay attention to what todays online marketing “guru’s” are doing, rather than just what they’re saying?

If you have, then you should be having no problems making money online, because the best way to become successful is by copying what other successful people are doing.

Well, in case you haven’t studied what these successful online marketers are doing, here’s a breakdown of the basic formula…

First of all, you need a product or service. If you don’t have something to sell, how are you gonna get paid?

If you don’t have your own product or service, an affiliate program allows you to get paid for promoting someone else’s products or services. They usually give you your own unique website url to send referrals to, and when one of your referrals makes a purchase, you get paid. It’s really quite simple.

When choosing an affiliate program, you should always look for some things about the company that runs it. For example, how long they’ve been in business; memberships they have with resolution companies such as The Better Business Bureau, Online Business Bureau, etc; how much and how often you’ll get paid; among other things.

The next thing you need is a website to promote your affiliate program. Yes, most of the time you’ll be given a website url to promote the affiliate program, but using this as your main site will set you up for failure before you even begin!

There are quite a few reasons for this, the biggest one being that you have no control over the content on that site. You can’t keep track of your web stats, you can’t optimize it for the search engines… you can’t do anything but promote it!

Basically what you want to do on this site is “presell” people to the product or service… make them want to buy! Give them reasons they can’t go without it, or how much better life will be with it… give them bonuses if they order… use your immagination! Many times, even just recommending the product or service works best if you do it right.

Sometimes, an affiliate program will pay you for the commissions of people that you refer to the affiliate program, as well as to the product or service. In this case, you’d also want to make a page on your website that “presells” people to the affiliate program.

The next thing you need is an autoresponder. This is, by far, the most important part of running an online business. With an
autoresponder, you can keep in contact with anyone who signs up to receive your messages for as long as they remain subscribers.

Use your autoresponder to let your subscribers know of any specials, updates, etc. about your product, service, or affiliate program. This will keep your product, service, or affiliate program fresh in the minds of your subscribers, and this will lead to many more first time sales… and even better… repeat customers!

Finally, you’ll need a “lead capture page”. Simply put, a “lead capture page” is the page you use to subscribe people to your autoresponder. You’ll want to “presell” people to your autoresponder the same way you do for your product, service, or affiliate program.

This is just a breakdown this formula. To take a look at this system in action, and learn how to set up and successfully run this entire system right now for free, visit my site at the url below. Pay attention not only to what I’m saying, but also what I’m doing for maximum results!