Tony Robbins…


Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

Anthony Robbins, also known as Tony Robbins is one of the most inspiring persons on the planet. He manages to change ones mindset completely in matter of minutes.

If you are heading to one of his events and speekings with a “down” mindset, you will experience that within 10 minutes of the speach he will have changed your mindset to a “up” state. You will go into a state of mind full of energy, motivation and drive!

I just have to tell you a story I’ve heard.

“Tony had recieved a job to help a man stop smoking. He was sitting in the hotelroom where the meeting was planned. When 15 minutes had passed without the man showing up he decided to leave and exit the hotel. Outside he found the man smoking. “Why are you smoking”-Tony, “I have to enjoy the last smoke I take”-Man. “Stop it, come with me and buy some smokes”-Tony. They headed back into the hotel after buying tons of cigarettes. “Start smoking”-tony. The man was shocked. This was suppose to be a session where he quit smoking. The man started with one cigarette. “You can manage 5″-Tony. The man smoked 5 cigarettes at a time. After continuing like this for some time, be eventually begged Tony to be allowed to stop. Tony ressisted and said no. After smoking for some time, the man eventually turned green and begged yet again. Tony accepted it and the man put down the cigarettes and tried to catch his breath. The man have never touched a smoke again.”

You may be shocked by this story, but this is a true fact as they say in D.C.

The reason Tony used this tactic is because if you want to stop a bad habbit or stop liking something, you HAVE to attach a bad feeling to it. In the example with the smoker he attached “problem of breathing” to smoking. This resulted in him quitting. You see the pattern.

Let’s take spitting for an instance. Close your eyes and imagine an image where you see spit all over. All that you have spittet is around you. You walk in it, you inhale it, you drink it etc.

Attach any bad feeling or “mind-image” with a “bad habbit or thing” and eventually you WILL quit or stop.


Hope you have learned something!