Harald Roine

Digital Vekststrateg

I have made a couple of changes to the website. Earlier today I felt like changing things up a bit, so I made a new logo. Not one of the most flashy or fancy ones, but a clean and simple one. The way I like it. I also changed the layout of the website. Instead of having 1 small column on the left side with only a calendar in it. I added 1 more on the right side. Added a account menu to the right sidebar, and two call to action “ads” on the left side. Two products I am giving away as a bonus within the Standard Membership. Not only the logo and layout has changed. I felt like mixing the colors a bit too. So instead of keeping the old colors that was synced with the old logo, I decided to try to mix the red – green – dark combination, and the result was satisfying.

There has been made another change than just the layout and design of the website.

Membership! I´ve finally added membership to my website. Not only for selling products, but for the entire thing. In order to be able to read anything on my website you have to register as wither FREE, STANDARD or PREMIUM member. Free membership comes with one feature. To be able to read my blog posts. Standard membership unlocks the product Online Income, which is an introduction to the several ways of making a living online. In addition to this product. I´ve added two products called 5 Proven Ways To Make Money Online & 15 Business For Big Profit. Two small eBooks I´ve written for some time ago. Now you may ask yourself, what will I charge for this information. The answer is simple. Upon registration you pay $9, this is a one time fee for registration and setup. Then for each month that passes you will be charged $5. Why the monthly fee? It is because I am not going to stop writing content or developing products. I am going to continue to provide you guys with new content and guides. And these guides and future eBooks will be added under the products available in the Standard Membership. In other words, the Standard Membership is going to be more and more valuable. Over to the last membership level I am offering, Premium. Premium membership costs $39. The increase in price is caused of me adding the product The Millionaire Business Model, which is a eBook that goes in depth how millionaires are making a living online. The book covers blooging, affiliate marketing and more. Since this is the top membership and costs $39 it does not have any monthly fee, but that doesn´t mean that there won´t be added more content. The products that are going to be added for Standard members are also going to be added for Premium members. That means that if you want to stick around for a long time(more than 6 months), Premium would be the best membership to choose from, since it has no monthly fee.

I hope you people like what I have done with the site of mine, and that you find the courage to keep on growing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

To your success!


Harald Roine